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MySQL adalah teknologi database yang paling banyak digunakan untuk perusahaan dan aplikasi web di dunia. Hal ini telah terbukti menjadi alternatif yang fleksibel, kuat, dan efektifitas biaya untuk database. Teknologi MySQL merupakan pusat arsitektur Internet.

MariaDB kini menjadi pilihan alternatif bahkan bisa saja menjadi pilihan utama karena banyak kelebihan yang ditawarkan.

Berikut kelebihan dari MariaDB dibandingkan MySQL yang saya copas langsung dari websitenya MariaDB.

Compare Products MySQL 5.6 MariaDB 10
What is it? MySQL 5.6 is a popular choice of database for use in web applications, and is a central component of the widely used LAMP web application software stack. MariaDB 10 is a enhanced, high performance, free and open source alternative to MySQL that helps the world's busiest websites deliver more content faster.
Parallel Slave Replication Scalability
Compatible with MySQL 5.6 but with improvements. MySQL's parallel replication can only run transactions for different databases in parallel - each database per slave is single-threaded. The MariaDB implementation can run multiple transactions within same database in parallel. Up to 4x replication performance improvement vs. MySQL. .
Single threaded per database V
Multi-source Replication Scalability
Allows a slave database server to replicate from multiple master servers. If you've split your data over several masters - multiple databases, applications, sharding - Multi-source Replication can pull all the data together onto one slave for analytics, backup, etc. .

Global Transaction ID Scalability
Makes complex replication hierarchies such as Multi-Source Replication be ACID consistent and durable, while running in parallel at high performance and scale. Tags events within a replication hierarchy with a unique, universal identifier spanning multiple domains, but strictly ordered within each domain. MySQL 5.6’s GTID does not allow for independent domains, and thus is limited in supporting complex replication. MariaDB’s GTID is more powerful and flexible. .
Limited V
Sharding - Spider Storage Engine Scalability
Spider is a storage engine contributed by a 3rd party. It allows for a table to be sharded using simple hashing only. Supports XA transactions. Shards may be replicated for HA. Includes master lookup table replication. .
3rd party V
TokuDB Storage Engine Scalability
Integrated with MariaDB 10, TokuDB uses advanced indexing and compression that allows for much faster updates/insertion, greatly reducing slave lag for replication. .
3rd party V
Table Partitioning: Improvements Scalability
Application-level table partitioning lets an application control how a table is split across multiple OS files and multiple servers, for performance and scale.
TokuDB Storage Engine Performance
Integrated with MariaDB 10, TokuDB uses advanced indexing and compression that allows for up to 20x faster updates/insertion, and up to 90% less HDD/flash. .
3rd party V
Engine Independent Table Statistics Performance
Improves optimizations by gathering statistics for use by the optimizer about the size and structure of tables, independent of specific storage engine features. .

Subquery Optimizations Performance
Through transformation, apply existing optimizations to a broader range of SQL statements. .

Histogram Stats for Non-Indexed Columns Performance
Improves optimizations on columns without indexes, by capturing the distribution of values on such columns and using that distribution to adjust the query plan. .

Fusion-io specific enhancements Performance
Improves the performance of Fusion-io SSDs when used with MariaDB. Uses the atomic write feature of the Fusion-io directFS filesystem, and eliminates InnoDB overhead to guarantee ACID consistency. .

Performance Schema Performance
Allows a developer or DBA, or IT automation tooling to directly monitor performance of a database node in real time through SQL queries to a monitoring table built right into the system.
Improved thread pool Performance
Increase the scalability of the database server when there are many concurrent connections. .
MySQL Enterprise only V
NoSQL Capabilities
CONNECT storage engine NoSQL Capabilities
CONNECT is a flexible tool to access diverse data sources dynamically, including unstructured files such as log files in a folder, or any database with an ODBC connector, from within MariaDB. .

Sequence storage engine NoSQL Capabilities
Create numerical sequences that are stored in memory and can be used in your queries. .

NoSQL Cassandra Storage Engine NoSQL Capabilities
Combine data from Cassandra with your data in MariaDB, read and write Cassandra data, and connect many MariaDB servers to one Cassandra ring, creating a high-availability cluster. .

Dynamic Columns NoSQL Capabilities
Dynamic Columns store different, labeled data objects in each row of a table in much the same way as NoSQL technologies. .

NoSQL Handlersocket interface NoSQL Capabilities
HandlerSocket gives you direct access to InnoDB/XtraDB and SPIDER. .

NoSQL memcache interface NoSQL Capabilities
Persist memcached data in InnoDB.
Improved table discovery Operations
For storage engines that support this capability, MariaDB 10 includes the ability to use tables for which no explicit CREATE TABLE statement has been run. The Sequence and FederatedX storage engines now support table discovery. .

Reports information and installation status on compiled-in and dynamic plug-ins. .

SHUTDOWN Command Operations
Added SHUTDOWN statement to SQL syntax - shuts a server down gracefully. Same permissions as mysqladmin shutdown. .

Kill query by query ID Operations
Allows a DBA or admin to kill a single query executing on a connection/thread, without killing the entire connection. .

SHOW EXPLAIN Command Operations
Helps developers and DBAs diagnose performance issues. Lets you get the query plan for actively running queries. Optionally, can automatically run SHOW EXPLAIN on queries in the slow query log and capture the plan in the log. .

Per-thread Memory Statistics Operations
Adds a memory usage column to the processlist, and allows this value to be returned through SHOW STATUS. Using this new feature, DBAs and developers can evaluate per-connection memory usage to diagnose problems.

Improved Error Messages Operations
All errors now include descriptive text in the log for the benefit of both developers and DBAs.

Online ALTER TABLE Operations
Do many of your schema changes without interrupting the system. MySQL 5.6 introduces the concept of online ALTER, which has been merged to MariaDB 10.0.
Security & Compliance
Role-based access control Security & Compliance
DBAs can now create roles with certain permissions and assign users to the roles. .

Audit Plugin Security & Compliance
The MariaDB Audit Plugin introduces the capabilities of tracking user access to data. Follow in real time who’s doing what in your databases. .
MySQL Enterprise only V
PAM Authentication Plugin Security & Compliance
The plugin enables Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) for the database server, which is an authentication framework used by Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, and other operating systems. .
MySQL Enterprise only V

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